VinCompass is a San Francisco-based company dedicated to helping users discover exceptional wines and wine experiences, beginning in the restaurant.

  • Website is graced with an amazing and warm design with accent on style and class.
  • Memberships are by invitation only (closed Private network) with enabled membership upgrades.
  • Some of available features include: wine clubs, wine tours, wine events, crowdsourcing (or wine hunters), archive of wine
    experiences, promotion and training videos, WordPress based Blog section etc.
  • To facilitate ideal wine and food pairing for each individual user, we developed an intricate Recommendation Engine in PHP think like Netflix that was created for 1M$. Main influencers can be chosen among users’ personal preferences, wine critics rates, choices of their VinCompass friends and choices of all VinCompass users as well as other proprietary attributes. This Recommendation Engine has evolved and will continue to grow with increased usage and enhancements.
  • Shopping Cart is developed using PayPal and Braintree Payments with Industry Portal Marketplace as well as 3rd party Fulfillment.
  • Custom CMS with tools tailored to support Business Intelligence and generation of complex statistics. and operations.
  • Database management counting hundreds of thousands of restaurants and millions of wines under management.
  • Advanced and Automated Data on-boarding and data Management for sustainability.
  • Big Data, Social, eComm and Mobile enablement.
  • Mobile integration on iOS and Android.
  • Full API development and support.

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